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A 20 page full colour brochure is available which details our service, image capturing options, range of albums and prices. Please complete the enquiry form on the contact page and by return you will be given the opportunity to download a PDF of the brochure. Alternatively you can contact the studio for a copy of our Wedding CD which contains a PDF of the brochure as well as over 2,000 images taken at weddings during the last few years.

An extensive range of options are offered, enabling couples to choose the package that best suits their requirements.

brochure cover

Wedding Day Coverage

At Stuart Hay Photography we offer a totally reliable, friendly, professional service which is coupled with a wide range of choice and flexibility in terms of image capturing, previewing, print/image sizes, colour tone, image quantities and album styles. Our wedding day coverage is suitable for register office, civil and church weddings.

The photographic coverage for your wedding includes the following:

  • Individual and group portraits of the bride, her attendants and parents at the family home or venue prior to the wedding ceremony.
  • Photographs taken at the register office, venue or church before, during (if permitted) and after the wedding ceremony.
  • Photographs taken at the reception including portraits of the bride and bridegroom as well as group photographs of their attendants, families and friends. We normally conclude with a posed photograph of the cutting of the cake which is taken prior to the commencement of the receiving line and wedding breakfast.

Usually the photography commences 1-2 hours prior to the ceremony. The duration of most civil ceremonies is half an hour whereas for church weddings they normally last an hour. The photography after the end of the ceremony usually takes 1½-2 hours to complete. These timings are approximate and exclude any travelling times that may be necessary.

Our Style

It is generally accepted that there are 3 main recognised styles of wedding photography:

Traditional Classic Style

These images form the core of most wedding albums and typically include such shots as the traditional family groups and the straightforward portraits of the bride and bridegroom together.


The capturing of those "un-posed" informal moments.


Posed, yet very creative images where particular attention is given to the judicious choice of camera angle, lens type, focus point, lighting and the arrangement of the subjects within the composition.

At Stuart Hay Photography we usually combine all 3 recognised styles of photography and are able to adapt our style according to our clientsÕ preferences, subject to the prevailing weather conditions, available light and surroundings.

Sample Images

Standard Attendance Fee

For weddings being held within a 10 mile radius of Shrewsbury, the standard attendance fee is included within the prices quoted for the various package options detailed on the following pages. The standard attendance fee includes the following:

  • The photographic coverage from approximately 1-2 hours prior to the start of the ceremony up to and including a posed photograph of the cutting of the cake before the commencement of the receiving line and wedding breakfast.
  • A 10"x8" preview book of all the images taken which has a personalised front cover and 6 images per page.
  • A CD containing a full set of low resolution, non-copyright protected images of the wedding.

For weddings being held outside a 10 mile radius of Shrewsbury, or for those clients requiring a greater coverage of their special day, additional attendance fees will apply. These are charged at the rate of £75.00 per hour or part thereof. We would be happy to quote once clients' requirements are known.

Preview Book and CD

Image Capture & Previewing

Stuart Hay Photography is primarily a digital based business. Subject to availability, you may also choose to have your photographs captured on film. Full details, including prices, are available upon request. We are more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding image capture and are happy to advise you on the best media to use based upon our wealth of experience and your personal preferences, requirements and expectations.

Typically, 300-500 photographs are taken (although no upper limit) and these are presented in a 10"x8" preview book which is supplied for you to keep. This has a personalised front cover and has 6 images per page. Preview books are usually ready for collection or dispatch within 7-14 days of the wedding.

For clients choosing film capture, between 108-120 photographs will be taken and these will be printed to 5”x4”/5”x5”. The photographs are presented in a 5”x4”/5”x5” deluxe preview album which is supplied for you to keep. Deluxe preview albums are usually ready for collection or dispatch within 7-14 days of the wedding.

The images, which are password protected, are also uploaded onto our website for a period of one month from the date of the wedding. This period may be extended by prior arrangement. The images can be viewed in colour, black and white and sepia. Individual prints up to 12"x8" in size may be purchased on-line. Larger print sizes may be ordered by contacting the studio directly.

Deluxe Preview Album, Preview Book and Website


From the deluxe preview album or preview book and within one month, clients are invited to select the images that they would like to appear in their main album. The images may be reproduced in colour, black and white or sepia.

Within the brochure you will find full details, including prices, on the wide range of options offered:

Option 1 - DVD

A DVD only option.

Option 2 - Traditional Albums

Traditional albums are classical in their appearance and are suited to those clients who generally want one print per page in their album.

Option 3 - Reportage Albums

Deluxe Reportage Albums give a very contemporary style of presentation, enabling a wide variety of print sizes and combinations from 5"x3½" to 12"x10" to be included within the same album cover.

Option 4 - Jorgensen Albums

Jorgensen Albums are regarded as being probably the finest book-bound range of albums currently available anywhere in the world. The albums are handmade in Australia by craftsmen using the finest materials available to create a wide range of creative, innovative designs.

Option 5 - Bellissimo Perfetto Abums

Bellissimo Perfetto albums are a range of stylish, book-bound, contemporary story-book albums designed exclusively by Stuart Hay.

Option 6 - Graphistudio Wedding Books

Graphistudio are the original creators and manufacturers of the storybook style of wedding albums. These stylish albums are designed, printed and bound in Italy.

Album Images

How to Book

To book our services for your special day, you will need to complete a Wedding Photography Booking Form (which can be sent to you by request) and pay a £150.00 non-returnable deposit. A receipt for the deposit, plus a booking confirmation, is sent by e-mail upon receipt of the above.

Unlike many of our competitors, at Stuart Hay Photography we do not believe in employing un-qualified or part-time photographers to photograph weddings. All of the photographs are taken personally by proprietor Stuart Hay LBIPP. Because of this and in order to avoid disappointment, early booking is recommended as we have to work on a first come, first served, basis. Many couples book our services
1-2 years prior to their wedding day.

Couples are actively encouraged to visit the studio in order to view the full range of display albums and discuss their particular requirements.

Booking Form

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